Price Consultancy

Price Consultancy

Working too hard for too little money

See how we can be the solution, as we work together to help you price more profitably.

Have you ever felt…
1) There is a downward pressure on price… your customers keep complaining over price
2) Your margins are being constantly squeezed
3) Customers aren’t paying you on time and you’re often short of cash
4) Your working too hard and too many hours and ultimately
5) You’re not making enough money?


The most common underlying reason for these problems is the wrong way of pricing.

So what is the SOLUTION?

  1. We are the numbers experts. We work with numbers every day .and one of the key numbers in any business that we specialise in is the price number.
  2. Using our skills with numbers we help you analyse your business model, understand different price points and identify a pricing strategy that will maximise your profits. We have a range of solutions that will:
  3. Identify a price strategy that will enable your business to grow more profitably.
  4. Establish price points that will yield greater profit
    Present your price in a way that is more appealing so that more people say, “YES” and buy from you.
  5. Build in payment structures that reduce cash issues.
  6. Make your price seem smaller than it is using the power of price psychology


Auditing goes to the relationship of the numbers and unearths a pattern that tells a story!